Our Pastor

We are currently without a Pastor. Our previous minister, Ros Wilkes, retired at the end of 2020 and we're taking time prayerfully to think through how we should prepare for continuing mission and ministry in the village and beyond. During the pastoral vacancy we have invited one of our deacons, Rev Brian Nicholls to be our Moderator. Brian is a retired Baptist Minister who began his ministry in Derbyshire in the 1970s, looking after Swanwick, Crich, Wirksworth and Bonsall Baptist Churches. This was followed by service at Mansfield Road, Nottingham, as Regional Team Leader in the West Midlands and most recently as Senior Pastor at South Parade, Leeds (now called Cornerstone).

The Deacons

Like most Baptist Churches the pastor is supported by a team of people called deacons. Currently our team consists of Rosemarie Wood (Church Secretary), Alison Briddon, Brian Nicholls and Chris Fissenden (Treasurer) and Marie Chippington

Church Members

Every Christian believer is a part of Christ's Church. Like most Christian denominations, Baptist Churches have a way of identifying those who are particularly committed to a specific local church. This is through them becoming Church Members. Under Christ's guidance the Members have the final say in the way the church lives out its calling to follow him.
You don't have to be a church member in order to join in the church's life and participate in worship.


Why are we here?

Jesus Christ is the reason why Swanwick Baptist Church exists. Without him chapels and churches like ours would never have been built.

Jesus was God come to us in human form. Born into an ordinary home, he went on to do extraordinary things: teaching people about God, healing the sick, caring for the poor and even raising the dead. He taughts us to trust in a loving, merciful God and to pray to him in faith. He showed us that we are all precious and that we should treat each other with love and mercy. Those who followed him began to see that he was more than just a man, discovering him to be the Son of the Living God.

Jesus knew that there were people who didn't like his teachings. He knew that they would kill him for what he said and did. But by his life, his teaching and his death, he knew he would bring people to God and bring forgiveness for their sin. He was nailed to a cross, but his death was not the end. Three days after he was killed his friends discovered him to be fully alive again. Understandably this changed their lives for ever and they spent their time telling others about him. We read their accounts in the Bible.

Today over 2 billion people are believers in Jesus. They know he lives because they experience his presence and power in their lives every day. Their experience of him motivates them to serve others and share the message of the God who loves the world so much that he gave himself in the person of Jesus who died on the cross to defeat sin, death and hell and invites us to believe in him and experience his gift of eternal life.

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